WIM’s Vision includes YOU!

  • We believe that God is issuing a wake up call to the Navajo Nation and other tribes!
  • We believe that the Indigenous Church must take the lead in helping their people with spiritual and social issues: alcoholism, drug addiction, violent killings, suicide, and what God’s perspective is on same sex marriage.
  • We believe that the Navajo Nation must become emboldened warriors.
  • We believe that the Dine must be motivated to take greater leadership roles, to dream and initiate creative strategies to improve their communities.
  • We believe that God wants to ignite a movement among Native People to Fear, Follow, Love and Serve.
  • We believe that this movement will happen – but only if many others would join us: in prayer and investing in Native America.
  • What if God is calling YOU, to link arms with us!
  • Together we can answer that call by helping ignite a movement of prayer, and stimulate breakthrough from the many negative chains and strongholds that keep so many held in dependency and entitlement?
  • What if God is about to set people free from the lie of self-medication and cycles of addictive behaviors and suicide?

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