9 August, 2013



The¬†Encounter Program is designed to benefit the mission, the local church, and, above all, the individual participant. This takes commitment by all who are involved. The bulk of¬†Encounter work will involve some type of construction, maintenance, or other type of project. Some ministry work may be done, but keep in mind that we are there only to help the local church where they cannot do it by themselves–not to do it for them.


What Is a Missionary Like?

Missionaries are a diverse group and include people from all cultures and walks of life. At WIM you will find full-time missionaries who get their support from churches and individuals, part-time volunteer missionaries, part- and full-time paid employees, short-term missionaries, and volunteers. The really amazing thing is that God gets His work done through all types of people with different abilities and different levels of commitment.


A Missionary is Like YOU!

Missionaries are human. They are just like other Christians, and face the same temptations and triumphs as those who labor for the Lord at home. If you cannot serve God at home, you will not want to serve Him under the difficult conditions of missionary life. Missionaries often spend much of their time doing physical work and only a very small portion of their work doing spiritual ministry. This is probably how your mission experience will be. Missionary work often requires years spent clearing the land, preparing the soil, watering, and planting seeds before significant fruit is seen.


Are There Cross-Cultural Ministry Issues?

Yes. Despite being born and raised in the United States, Navajos have some definite cultural traits that make working with them different than working with people in the mainstream American culture. Also, there are certain cultural beliefs and practices that you should be aware of.


If you’d like more detailed information, as you make your summer plans, download the Encounter Manual found on the sidebar and feel free to contact. Please be sure to include your name and address in your email so we can send you additional information.

Click the link to download the Encounter manual: Encounter Manual 2018