19 December, 2014

What We do

Western Indian Ministries currently has 6 departments:

*   BROADCASTING: KHAC, KWIM FM, KTBA (Tuba City) These three radio stations cover all or most of the Native American Communities in northern Arizona and New Mexico. The radio also operates Proverbs Christian Bookstore – which is the only bookstore on the Navajo Reservation.

*  HILLTOP CHRISTIAN SCHOOL provides superior educational opportunities to the children of the Navajo Reservation.   We currently have 50+ students in Pre-K  through 4th grade.   We plan to expand through High School in the next several years.

*   COMMUNITY OUTREACH/ DEVELOPMENT  impacts the needs of our community, through family counseling, and hospital and jail visitation programs. WIM provides the Navajo Police with Chaplaincy and other community service programs. We also serve alongside the Navajo Nation, and other entities, to eradicate the Navajo Housing Crisis.

*   CHRIST FOR NATIVE YOUTH (CNY)is based in Albuquerque, and seeks to train and equip adults who are- or should be, working at the grass roots level with young people in Native America.

*   CHURCH DEVELOPMENT: Over the years, WIM has been at the forefront of planting churches on the Navajo Reservation. Today, our objective is still about the church, and our focus is becoming a “service center” to equip and train Indigenous leaders- and to provide them with resources they may need. WIM has developed a partnership with Indian Bible College where pastors and leaders can earn a one year Bible Certificate, from remote locations. WIM also hosts various seminars, workshops, and mentoring programs that meet relevant needs of church leaders across the southwest.

*  ENCOUNTER / SWIM (summer with Indian missions)  TEAMS: This program brings guests to the Navajo Nation on a learning experience where two important objectives are accomplished:    First, these volunteer teams complete much needed maintenance and construction on our campus in Window Rock. Secondly, these teams build relationships by listening to,  and serving alongside families in our community through various projects.

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