From Recent Facebook Posts

“Pumpkins for Hilltop! Our school is alive and well!!!”

“Christ for Native Youth just hosted a seminar/ workshop for Comic / Storytelling! We want to produce some materials to help youth groups deal with suicide, disciple making, evangelism! Nate Butler was our trainer!”

“Another great team working on “Operation Nehemiah” rebuilding our walls! Thanks Paul and De-De Jones and Sagebrush Church!”

Pray for the Ancars! Trying to get home for the winter … if something can go wrong it will. What an amazing family – giving up almost a year to volunteer with us and see the Nehemiah Project begin! (Rebuilding our walls and vision!)


Around WIM

From our Facebook page Chuck Harper posted

Our remodeling project – which we have dubbed “the Nehemiah Project” – to rebuild, renew, and bring our campus up toward its potential. This building was our first church building, Bible School, Youth Center, School, etc… will now be used for a Pastors Retreat Center, and a Dorm for our visiting teams.
YOU are invited to join and help! Come for a day, a week, a month? Bring some others with you!

75th Celebration

“Display His Splendor.”

We just celebrated our 75th year of ministry with a Bible Conference at our campus in Window Rock!

It was such a joy to connect with so many friends, family, and former staff.   Thank you for your prayers, your partnership and for coming along side as we seek to be part of what God will do.

We believe that our best 75 years are still to come!