We can do this!

Business as usual is an unacceptable response to the crisis in Native America! Western Indian Ministries and our partners are making a huge impact in addressing the needs in Native America!
There are significant problems on Indian Reservations today, a result of a complicated web of historical problems, economic challenges and spiritual poverty. We are challenged each day with hungry children, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, family dysfunction, cold dilapidated homes, joblessness- and the list goes on. But, together, we are making a difference with the life changing message of Jesus Christ!
Would you prayerfully consider making a difference with us?

What if God is calling YOU, to link arms with us! Together we can answer that call by helping ignite a movement of prayer, and stimulate breakthrough from the many negative chains and strongholds that keep so many held in dependency and entitlement? What if God is about to set people free from the lie of self-medication and cycles of addictive behaviors and suicide?

Together, we can do this!

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