9 August, 2013


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Chuck and Cindy Harper Chuck: General Director

Cindy: Personnel




Scott & Sarabeth Hill Scott: Director of Engineering & Chief Operator for Radio, Bookstore Manager, Temporary Business Manager for WIM, Monday Morning Announcer




Milt Shirleson Community Outreach Director




Daniel & Emily Henry Community Outreach Missionaries




Joe and Abbie Cook General Station Manager for KHAC, KWIM, & KTBA




Bill and Laura Naas HCS Director




Brent & Dawn Moyer Mission as Business Tent Makers




Roger & Sara Everett Teachers with Hilltop Christian School




Phillip Mapes Teacher with Hilltop Christian School




Keith & Denise Ancar Short Term Missionaries: Construction & Maintenance




Wayne & Erin Blankenship Full-Time Missionaries for Maintenance






Laura Naas Librarian
Sandra Largo Secretary
Ian Harriman 4th Grade Teacher
Virginia Pedro PreK4 Teacher
Norma Nelson Kindergarten Teacher
Sara Everett 1st Grade Teacher
Kim Hilderman 2nd Grade Teacher
Roger Everett 3rd Grade Teacher
Phillip Mapes 5th/6th/7th Teacher
June Shroyer Music Teacher
Margaret Buhler Resource Room Teacher
Grace kee Cook
Brandon Nelson Janitor













Pastor Steven Joe Weekday Morning Announcer
Pat Bullock Saturday Announcer
J.R. Redhouse Weekday Afternoon Announcer; Host – “Navajo Verse of the Day”
Nelson Betoney Weekday Afternoon Announcer