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What We Do and Live For
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Hilltop Christian School

An important focal point for our Mission is the nurturing of young minds in our School plant on campus. With a strong Christian foundation, we lead children in their early steps of education.

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For decades, we have provided Christian radio broadcasting for Native America that is a resource of music, community announcements, news, programs, and sermons.

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Christ For Native Youth

We cherish the Youth of Native America to a great extent and seek to support all youth workers in their initiatives to lead young people in their calling as a voice for the New Generation.

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Church Development

We seek to not only plant churches, but provide churches with access to resources that will support their calling as a living vessel to Native America, including a network of ministers and services teams for the benefit of the Kingdom.

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Community Outreach

We take steps to engage the local community in a wide array of events, service projects, and ministerial endeavors.

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We extend hospitality to churches and mission group who want to experience Navajo land and serve side by side with our team.


About WIM

From Hearts of Stone to Hearts of Flesh.
Everything you see here is by the Grace of God.

We are a multi-ministerial Christian organization located in Tse Bonito, New Mexico. Our focus and energy is training leaders, organizing events, building business, and most importantly, spreading the good news of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to Native America in the best way we can.

Our team includes a wide range of talents and passions that all cooperate in order to live life as a body of Christ and be seen as a light in the heart of the Native American people. Though we come from diverse denominations, we have a common goal to follow Jesus to reach Indigenous communities.

Some of OUR TEAM Members

From Far and Near: Serving Together

Phillip Mapes

Hilltop 5th – 7th Grade Teacher

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